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College Street Capital Corporation (CSC), a registered 501(c)(3) charity, looks to educate and prepare students for a career in the investment management industry, placing specific emphasis on promoting and engaging historically underrepresented groups in finance.


Secondarily, CSC seeks capital appreciation for the long-term benefit of qualified non-profit organizations in the Worcester area. We achieve this objective through a unique student-led investment program focused on compounding capital at a high and sustainable rate through a fundamental, company-specific process of identifying long-term, attractive investments, often enabled by short-term pricing dislocations. We pair this with actively managing the portfolio to optimize risk and return across three thematic focuses: HEI (healthcare, energy, and industrials), Technology, and Consumer.


Founding Story


Market Coverage Teams




Our journey began with a delayed flight in the Detroit airport and attending a stock pitch conference at the University of Michigan. Inspired by the possibilities we saw, we asked ourselves, "Why can't we have the same opportunities afforded to other students around the country?" And with that question, a few weeks later, College Street Capital was incorporated. Today, we are a fully formed 501(c)(3) non-profit with a team of dedicated alumni supporters who have helped turn this vision into a reality.


We take pride in our unique model, which allows us to offer our students unparalleled experiential learning opportunities. In being independent, we can prepare our students for the real-world challenges that come with running an investment fund, such as fund accounting, budgeting, IRS filing, marketing, and investor relations. These skills are highly critical in the field of finance and set our students apart in a competitive job market.


The investment team employs a disciplined approach to risk management, which includes diversification across and within classes, ongoing monitoring of portfolio holdings, and periodic rebalancing to ensure that the portfolio remains aligned with its target asset allocation. The team also utilizes a range of risk management tools to mitigate downside risk and protect the portfolio from unexpected market events.


The investment process is overseen by the College Street Capital Advisory Board (the “CSC Advisory Board”), which is responsible for providing strategic guidance, reviewing investment performance, and ensuring that the portfolio is managed in accordance with the CSC Investment Philosophy. The CSC Advisory Board is composed of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in finance, business, and philanthropy, who provide valuable insights and perspectives to the investment team.

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